Tools to track Deep Work vs Shallow Work


I’m Alexandre, 42, from Mauritius.
Just arrived on the forum.
I subscribed because with my co-coaching partner, we struggle on finding the right tool to track Deep Work hours vs Shallow work hours.
You might know the Deep Work methodology form Cal Newport book “Deep Work”.
It’s a method to prioritize what’s really important to make progress in your work.
By knowing if you manage to do Deep Work sessions, you can measure your work ethics more effectively than by merely tracking working hours (which might be shallow/unproductive) or results (which might be relative to luck).
Right now, I’m using the Focus@Will tracker, where you put the % of how productive you feel the work session has been. But I think there could be a better tool.
Let me know if you have ideas !

Kind regards

PS : oh also, this is something I always write in every community I join, if you are ever interested on the concept of co-coaching, the practice of organizing weekly calls to share and analyse your goals/motivations and progress each week with a friend. I would be delighted to make a call with you to speak about the subject.