Top lab tests QS people use

As your moderator, I’m interested in getting some discussion going around what lab tests people use for health.

Let’s start with hormones perhaps?

Hi Dave! Fancy running into you here :wink:

I’m looking to answer the same question - I figure it would be prudent to get a full hormonal panel while I’m still relatively young. (27)

Otherwise, I test most of the standard markers, insulin, HDL, directly measured LDL with subfraction breakdown, lp(a), A1C, hsCRP…

This may not be the info. you are looking for, but here goes:

I don’t know some of the abbreviations in the above poll…I get regular thyroid testing (TSH?) due to former hypothyroidism, vitamin D (in which I continue to be quite deficient despite 2+ years of high dose supplementation), and basic CBC panels when I present with any illness and get physicals.

Obviously, all the ones above are doctor-prescribed. Recently I have had testing for celiac disease, and a variety of other things due to a sudden onset of debilitating GI pain…including an abdominal MRI.

I’ve asked repeatedly for progesterone/estrogen testing for years but have been told it’s useless because “they fluctuate”. I’m thinking I need to see an endocrinologist…But could never get a referral.

I had the allergy “skin prick” test years ago revealing about 30 allergies (!), but another post on here suggested blood testing is more reliable (I believe you may have been the poster). Also, DHEA would be very interesting to test as I age, as well as mercury and a general vitamin/mineral deficiency test.

Due to lack of referrals, then no health insurance, I was unable to pursue these tests despite my interest; but I now have insurance and also may pursue some independently through labs if I continue to hit walls with my current insurance.

Do you have a suggestion for a good independent lab? I, too, am curious about what QSer’s test, or want to test…

Sorry, long, rambling post.


If you are interested in pursuing estrogen and progesterone testing you can do so through a few different companies. I can order them for you.

Also, a company I consult for may be doing a small trial on these. If you are interested and live in SF let me know.