[ToS] Garmin Connect

Terms: http://connect.garmin.com/terms
Privacy: http://connect.garmin.com/privacy

1. Can you control who has access to your data?

Garmin won’t share your data without your consent. :slight_smile:

2. Can you export your data?

You can download single tracklogs only, and there is no API (yet). :frowning:

3. Can you close your account?

No obvious way to close an account. :frowning:

4. Can the terms change without prior notice?

“Garmin may modify these Terms of Use at any time by updating this posting.” :frowning:

5. Can I trust them to keep my data secure?

Garmin Connect supports, but does not enforce using a secure connection (HTTPS). :frowning:


It’s fine to use the Forum to promote a QS related Indiegogo campaign, but please do this in a separate thread with a clear title like: “PRYV is a privacy-sensitive QS aggregator, support our Indiegogo.” (Or whatever you like.) That’s better than tacking it on to Eric’s post about Garmin’s TOS. You can move this post yourself using edit tools, or delete it and repost. I’ll let you take care of it, if that’s alright, and check in on the thread in a few days, and remove my post here.[/color]

Thank you for your comment! I will move it! For sure, I think it will be useful for many QS customers facing the problem with data exporting and saving!