Track & Analyze FREE PREMIUM for 1 year in exchange for feedback

Hi quantified self fans,

I am Valentin from the Track and Analyze team ( In order to make our app the best on the market we need your help. In exchange for your meaningful and thorough feedback I would be happy to grant you 1 year of free premium membership. If anyone is interested, please send me a private message, thanks!

Happy tracking :slight_smile:



Hey I’m interested to use this to analyze descriptive metrics on timing and total medication doses (logged with the new med tracking feature). I’ll ultimately want to run some stats on discovering interaction between the med log variables and others like sleep, heart rate etc. - Does your tool allow me to work with the med data? If so I’m glad to commit to providing regular feedback. I’m a physician and am exploring use cases.

Hi William,

Thank you for your interest! Do you mean importing data from another application?

Hi William,

Our nonprofit is building an improved medication management tracking system in our web and mobile apps. This will allow dosages to be plotted over time, symptoms (Events) to be overlain on top of the dosage information, and more capabilities to help with medication management.

Your input as a physician that finds value in this data is something we are searching for! Would you be willing to connect and exchange ideas on what is best for this direction in software?

We are specifically seeking more advice from experts on what they would find valuable in an “expert report” from their patients who use our software.

It’s a far more powerful app than I first realised. It’s hugely useful for HCI ethnographic studies. This is because of a) customisability and b) the fact that you can set things up precisely and let them run. c) You can edit inputs as you go along.

If I set up a question like “How sociable was I today” and populate the options with “Very sociable”, “A bit sociable” etc., is there a way to export the data or view it in a report or does the user have to click back lots of times to go back to older data? And we would certainly appreciate a year of Premium! We’re about to use it for teenagers to track their emotions.

Thank you for appreciating the complex functionality and the potential of the app!

Both are possible, you can export all data in a css file, or you could create an analysis for the field to see the data in charts. Anyways in the case you describe, we would recommend you to use “Number” type for the field (e.g. very bad = 1, very good = 5), this way the analysis will be much more meaningful.

P.S. I have contacted you on private message to grant you the free Premium :slight_smile:

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