Tracked my blood glucose

This community is awesome! I am a biologist and avid self-experimenter.
My blog on my recent experiment.


Thanks for sharing, this is something everyone should be doing :slight_smile:

Could also be interesting to see how activity (before or after eating), sleep (or lack thereof), and stress affect your response to the same meals.

I also get exercise-induces spikes, but only in the cold… On the other hand I did not see an obvious correlation between hunger and blood sugar levels.

btw I’d ignore the “scan” values and only plot the “historic” values; I noticed that former are often way off when blood sugar levels are going up or down.

Very cool! Sharing is awesome, thank you @Jennifer_Wang! :smiley:

Out of curiosity, how did you go about the data analysis? Was this data exported, analyzed in a spreadsheet? I hadn’t realized one could log events like “food coma” or “hangry” in the app. :slight_smile:

I’ve been interested in mood tracking (don’t we all want to be happy and productive in the end? ;)) … and I haven’t thought much about food/mood correlation. :thinking: Makes me wonder what other questions there might be to ask!

The clear way you write up your experiment is so useful, I posted on your media post also --thank you for sharing this!