Tracking Drink Consumption?

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Hi there -

I am trying to track data to solve my insomnia this year, and I’d like to do a year-long experiment where I track a variety of variables and see how that affects my sleep.

  • as my dashboard
  • Oura Ring (Connected to Apple Health) to track sleep times, sleep quality, body temperature, HRV and HR
  • MyFitnessPal (Connected to Apple Health) to track calories
  • A smart scale to track weight (Connected to Apple Health)
  • Wahoo Fitness and Strong (Connected to Apple Health) to track exercise (cycling and weightlifting)
  • Streak (Connected to Apple Health) to track caffeine and water consumption
  • Manual Spreadsheets to track vitamin levels, blood pressure, etc from doctor’s visits / bloodwork

The system is working great, but the only missing item is alcohol consumption. I would like to track the number of drinks I have in a day (with timestamps). I am getting by with spreadsheets for now, but I would love to click a button, like I do with Streaks, and have it update my Apple Health automatically.

There are two options, both of which I would love some advice on:

  1. It seems like Apple Health only tracks Blood Alcohol Content, not “number of drinks.” Maybe there’s a way I can make this work, but I think BAC is a pretty variable measure of alcohol consumed. Does anyone else have a way of doing this? If I could use Apple Health and Streaks, that would be the ideal solution, but I can’t figure out a way of making it work.
  2. Failing that, I’d like to use one app to track all my drinks (Water, Caffeine, Alcohol). If it needs to be exported to a spreadsheet, so be it, but I’d prefer it to be synced with Apple Health. I’d like to have 3 buttons where I just click when I have a glass of any of these drinks so I can know when I had it. Does anyone know an app that does this well?

Let me know if that’s possible!

It looks like MyFitness Pal also tracks alcoholic drinks. I don’t use it for such, but it did list several!

For manually logging timestamped events, I’d use a general-purpose tracking app like Nomie. These kinds of apps typically don’t integrate with Apple Health, but should be able to export CSV files.