Tracking Hydration / Water Intake

I’ve recently noticed that my overall cognitive ability decreases at low levels of hydration. I work a desk job and always struggle to make myself get up and get a new cup of water every couple hours.

Does anyone have any good techniques for making sure that they stay hydrated / reminding themselves to drink water?

Would also be interested in any ways to track dehydration.

You could try the QS route on this and experiment with it–or you could start by buying one or two nice, big water bottles and putting them on your desk. You don’t have to refill often, and if water is there, if you’re like me, you’ll randomly drink it throughout the day.

I drink something when I get thirsty. I’m curious: why doesn’t waiting until you are thirsty work for you?

Having an appealing jug/bottle of water on my desk worked for me. The “appealing” part is funny - if the bottle was heavier than necessary (e.g. thick glass), or if it had a handle that got in the way, I was less inclined to drink. An ergonomic bottle shape helped. A transparent bottle also helps as an easy visual way to keep track of how much water you’ve had.

Try to gamify the process - make it a goal to finish the water bottle by the end of the day. (We do assume you work at a desk)

I’m with cas212… I don’t like counting on my awareness to remind me of these things.

Its way too easy to get distracted my “more important” nonsense, and realize after the fact “oh yeah–I didn’t drink water today”

Have you considered that it might be the getting up, taking a break, walking around, that improves your subsequent work? The dogma of forcing yourself to drink fluids that you aren’t thirsty for has been called into serious question lately. For example:

If you are thirsty, your body should tell you, unless some other health issue is blocking that signal.