Tracking lifestyle and health patterns to predict and prevent chronic illness/ Industrial Design thesis

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Hello Everyone,

I am and Industrial Design student at Syracuse University. I am working on a thesis to design/speculate a noninvasive tracking system that tracks your health and lifestyle to predict your likeness to get chronic illness.

I am also designing this product and service for health enthusiasts and people impacted by chronic illness.

I am writing this message to ask if anyone would be interested in participating in a semi-formal interview(30-40mins), so I could better understand how people on this forum would shape the design of this service and product.

I have attached a small link that shows a gist of my research and my website for your reference.

If you have any questions about my thesis please drop your thoughts and questions on this thread,I would be more than happy to chat about my project !

Thank you !


Hey Gokul, I’d be happy to participate! I’m new to the forum so not sure how this works but let me know next steps whenever!

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Hello Kelsey,

I am not sure if you got my message, please have a lookout your message inbox. Thank you for your interest !