Tracking meditation

I want to start tracking my meditation, where and how do I start?

I’ve been using Robin Barooah’s Equanimity App for iOS since February 2010. You get a simple meditation timer with a record of all your sessions: time, date, length. The app includes a nice visualization that helps you see your constancy, and you can export all the data in a .csv file, which I’ve done quite a few times for analysis. When your session ends, you can make a journal entry. Journal entries are exported with the data table.

Robin has not updated the app recently so it will give you a warning from Apple when you use it. I really value it, though.

The Calm app lets you do both guided and unguided meditation sessions. The Android version reports sessions to Google Fit.

If you want some kind of objective measure of your progress, the Muse headband is another option, but their default meditation app doesn’t export data.

I use meditation helper (free) for android. It allows the setting of bells at predetermined intervals/times and records session info.

I know some experienced meditators who swear by Insight Timer and have been using it daily for years. It provides a real-time map showing everyone else who is meditating at the same time, and it provides stats, daily streak totals, etc.