Tracking specifics of app usage?

Does anyone know of a way of tracking not just which applications I use on my phone, but also what I’m doing within each of them? (What screens I’m looking at?)

I’ve seen a number of app usage trackers but everything I’ve seen just tracks how much time or how many times you use each application. I was hoping for a bit more detail than that.

If the apps were open source, I could use something like Google Analytics I think, but if I’m looking at commercial off the shelf stuff that probably wouldn’t work.

Any ideas are appreciated.

I’m not aware of a general-purpose mechanism for logging app usage, other than recording what app is open, the frequency of mouse clicks and key strokes, or taking regular screenshots. RescueTime relies on browser-specific plugins to capture what sites you are looking at (rather than just how much time you are using the browser). Some other applications (e.g. IDE’s) might also provide a plugin mechanism, but you’d have to repeat this for each application.

Do you know of anything that takes regular screenshots automatically on a timer or something? Or is that something I’d have to do myself…