Tracking subject mastery

Is anyone using tools to track their mastery of a subject ? And perhaps tracking that vs the number of hours your putting into it ? I know apps like the mindsnacks apps for language lessons keep count of how many vocabulary words you’ve ‘mastered’ and touch typing apps certainly tell you how many words-per-minute you’re up to.

Are there other good examples folks know of of training apps that quantify subject mastery ?

And are folks in the community using them ?


I wanted to track my skill at Salsa dancing for a long time, but I never could decide on a good metric.

In some sense Anki does give you data on how well you learned facts about a subject but I wouldn’t use the label “mastery”.

A lot of sports do have clear metrics that you can train to improve. If you play basketball you can track your hit rate for freethrows. If you lift weight than you can track the weight.

Archery or a game like dart is also easy to track.

Salsa is hard, here a couple of ideas.

  1. Write down all the moves in a list. Learn them one by one and ask a teacher to check you can do them. If they correct you you don’t get to tick them off. If they don’t you do get to.

  2. Measure the amount of people who ask you to dance. From my memory if you are a dance class you sometime have a free dance for a hour or so afterwards. It’s not terrible accurate but the more people that will actively ask you to dance with them. Then the better you are.