Tracking subjective mood / cognitive / physical status

I’d like to track my subjective mood / cognitive status… somehow. There are some days when I feel like I’m really lagging behind in terms of energy, mood, productivity, and sociability, while other days I’m just on point.

I’m thinking that I can set up a few broad categories, then use keywords with an overall score attached to the keyword.

So far, I’m looking at something like:

Mood: isolated (-2), depressed (-2), irritable (-2), anxious (-2), moody (-2), apathetic (-1), mellow (0), optimistic (+1), confident (+2), happy (+2), excited (+1), sociable (+2), appreciative (+2)
Energy: unwell (-2), fatigued (-2), sleepy (-1), relaxed (0), rested (0), healthy (+1), energetic (+2), awesome (+2), inspired (+2)
Focus: brainfog (-2), confused (-2), distracted (-1), zen (+1), brilliant (+2), flowstate (+2)
Physical: sore (-2), uncomforable (-2), cold (-1), hot (-1), restless (-1), content (0), amazing (+2)
Productivity: unproductive (-2), rockstar (+2)
Socializing: quiet (-1), talkative (+1), witty (+2)

What broad categories might make sense and what tags might I want to use?

I use an app called “how are you feeling”, a friend filled out a 52 question survey twice a day for a month and then realised that these things aggregate to a general “wellness” sense. i.e. focus is good when energy is good. productivity and energy are good at the same time as focus.

I have a google form for some of my questions, and that app for the mood stuff.

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