Tracking the Relationship between Eating and Health (Dissertation Study)

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Hello! :wave: Iā€™m looking for folks interested in doing a few days of self-monitoring of their eating patterns to help with my dissertation study! Anyone 40 yrs old + can participate. See below for more info on the study and a link: :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Are you 40+ years old? Your participation in this online study could help improve healthcare screening practices in middle and late life!

People 40 years of age and older have often been excluded from research evaluating these screening tools. The EMU behavioral health research team wants to know if commonly used screeners are giving healthcare providers enough information about eating behavior.

If you are at least 40 years old, have access to the internet and email, and are able to answer questions in English then you are eligible to participate in this study! Please use this link to access the study:

Participation involves:
ā€¢ Completing a consent form and online questionnaires about yourself, your health, and your eating habits (about 20-30 min of your time), and
ā€¢ Entering what you have eaten on three separate days using a 24-hour recall website (about 20 min the first day, and about 10 min each time afterward). After each 24-hr recall, you will be able to see a personalized nutrition profile!

The study is completely online. Tablets or computers work better than phones. Thank you for considering participating! (Feel free to comment with any questions or send an email to!)

This study was reviewed and approved by the Eastern Michigan University Human Subjects Review Committee (UHSRC Protocol Number: UHSRC-FY20-21-6)

I am 64 years old. I have several years of continuous food logs as well as biometric data. I am happy to share.

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