Tracking Tools: Food vs Gut Data (Bloat, Stool, etc.)

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Hello QSers,

My goal is analyze the content of my meals against how my stomach is feeling (bloat/pain). I have not found an app that does both. So my current plan is to export data from a couple different apps and analyze the data myself on access. I am using Cara to track Bloat, Pain, Mood and was planning on using MyFitnessPal for food, but the data extract only includes calories & micronutrient content. Can anyone recommend an app capable of exporting specific meal data (i.e. brown rice, chicken, broccoli)? Does anyone know if MFP API does this?

Cronometer’s “servings” export sounds like it’ll do what you want (here’s an example export). It’s accessible on the web version under Profile -> Account Information -> Open the gear menu -> Export data -> Export Servings.

You might already be familiar, but I found that looking up the FODMAP content of foods predicted “gut upset” pretty well for me. I don’t know of an app/service that tracks/reports that though.

Thank you for pointing out Cronometer! It is exactly what I am looking for. In thinking about it, the next step I would need is to build out a database that can classify foods eaten against FODMAP. That way I can compare type of FODMAP eaten to gut health that day. I have no experience with databases so this will be fun!