Tracking weather and its impact on your life

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Has anyone tried tracking weather and its impact on their mental or physiological state? Just wanted to share my new post and hear your opinions and thoughts?

With experiential sampling, I have correlated the times that I noticed that good/bad weather was affecting my mood for a couple years now, thinking that it was going to be a big source of variance. Turned out not to be the case at all: bad weather only caused 1% of my unhappiness and good weather only 3% of my happiness. That part was all in my head.

Now, the kind of correlating you’re talking about doing in your post may tell a different story: one not of the obvious influences of weather, where one notices that it’s sunny and one is happy or that it’s cloudy and one is depressed, but of any subtle influences which aren’t consciously perceived. That will be interesting to analyze. I have a bunch of data for the temperature / humidity / pressure / light levels in the room that I’m in from the BodyTrack project, but I haven’t run any stats on that to compare it to my happiness, energy, or health self-report scores.

Hello Nick,

I would love to hear if you find any interesting patterns! Could you also tell us more about your Body Track project?


Analytics just became personal! Can you express your everyday life in numbers? Can you improve your life by turning it into a series of games and experiments? Follow my personal “Measured Me” experiment to find out:

BodyTrack isn’t my project; I’m just a happy user. It’s a platform for aggregating and visually exploring arbitrary channels of QS data. You can check it out more here:

Thanks, got it! It is somewhat similar to , which i am still trying to figure out :slight_smile:

I have done this, and found nothing: (Also, the research doesn’t seem to agree with your summary of it.)

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