Tracking Writing Productivity

Hi, I am tracking my writing productivity. I am using an excel spreadsheet to track pages per chapter and pages for a whole book. I am using an app called Klok as a timer (because I have had this in my workflow in the past). I am interested in whether an hours per day target or a daily page target generates higher actual page counts. Note that I cannot count words in my situation, but my pages are fixed in size.

I spent last week trying out the tracking and working out some of the kinks. I am trying a self-experiment for the next two weeks: this week target is 5 hours a day and in two weeks after some travel, I will use a page target of three pages per day.

One thing that is a little hard is whether some time that I put in counts as ‘writing’. If I pace across the room while thinking, or if I spend time editing a draft of a graphic from my designer, are those activities 'writing" time or not. This is less of an issue with daily page targets, although I guess I would count all that time as toward the goal if the graphic went into the document.

Track quality too. Keep track of which pages you wrote and when. This will allow you to later add quantified criticism and editing to your tracking.

I have been doing this informally in a comments column, along with reasons why I did not generate targets that day. It is difficult to assess my own quality as I progress. Sometimes I think something is great and then three weeks later I think it is ridiculous and terrible.

Open to suggestions for what constitutes quality as a trackable element.

Thanks for responding.

Hi Ted, Allen Neuringer rated “quality of ideas” by looking at them after some time had passed. He discovered that his ideas were better after moving around, rather than sitting.