Try Out the Quantified Mind Project (Lunch Study)

Okay, it’s ready! A DIY cognitive testing platform that gives you great data with as little time as possible. We’ve built the QS into it, so that you easily throw in your mental variables, like how much coffee you’ve had, or how you slept, or did you just eat half a stick of butter, and it basically does the experiments for you. (Well, it graphs them. We’re working on the summary statistics. Launch early…) We’ve built a ton of tests online that should give you a lot better data than the other stuff out there.

After giving a talk at the first QS conference lamenting the lack of good ways to measure cognitive performance, and then a lot of work on the side developing such a tool, I’m excited for others to try this out. I’ve been using it in my experiments for over a month, and what the world needs now is more data! (And your feedback on our test design.)

Apart from doing your own cognitive performance tracking and/or interventions, we’d love it if you would help kick things off by taking part in our lunch study. Basically, you eat lunch, and then 2-3 hours later, you take as much (or as little) as you like of the 15-minute No Free Lunch test battery. Switch your lunches up to either be big or small. Pretty soon, you should have a good idea of what lunch size does to your brain. You can do it on your own time, but measuring at the same time of day will help–I’d recommend setting a reminder for 3pm to hit the tests.

There are several of us working on this on the side (it’s a free project), but most credit must go to Yoni Donner. He’s doing almost all of the work.

I’m sure I’ve left out some obvious info, so please don’t hesitate with questions or suggestions. Let’s do some science!

I see from the logs that a bunch of people have started trying this out–great! Based on feedback, we’ve added 5- and 10-minute versions of the lunch battery, to make it a little more convenient.