uBiome SmartGut Results

I got back several uBiome SmartGut reports. It flags 2-4 items in each category of UC, Crohn’s, obesity. It also flags me for lack of bacteria preventing kidney stones. All of these things I have been tested for an determined not to have and not at risk for kidney stones (whatever that means).

Has anyone else received results?

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I also have Oxalobacter formigenes flagged as being a bit low, but haven’t done a kidney stone risk panel (or had kidney stones), so I can’t compare. Keep in mind that the referenced study shows that people with calcium oxalate stones have lower amounts of that bacterium, but the study doesn’t look at the general population. That’s the kind of data uBiome might be trying to collect :slight_smile:

I understand. I’m more or less commenting on the state of the art of what can be assessed from 16S sampling in a clinical setting.

And, I was wondering if others had the same experience.

Hey there,

I had a recent test and showed 3 risk factors for colitis and 2 for Crohn’s as well as 2 for obesity and one for kidney stones.

I’ve been having unusual pain, bowel stuff in general for several weeks, Drs says IBS.

I’ve taken CAT scans, IgA level, ESRx2, CREPx2 etc. blood test in reaction to this information and all came back normal.

Scheduled a colonoscopy to make sure.

Have you had a colonoscopy to confirm that you don’t have an IBD?

This result really scares me.

I have had a colonoscopy to confirm that i do not have ibd. clean as a whistle. i would put almost zero stock in the ubiome smart gut results. The false alarm rate is very high.

Thats pretty reassuring. Im so scared. It has been really really painful, but all the other tests seem to say im okay. That felt like the nail in the coffin of my suspicisions, especially because of the “clinical” aspect, but its good to hear someone else has a positive result.

Have you had the IBSChek test done?

No, maybe I’ll get that after the colonoscopy. My doctor felt my stomach and said “it’s IBS”. Very professional.

Happy to say I got an all clear result. Just one small pylop that they took out. No biopsy yet, but they were optimistic about that too.
I can’t believe how horrifying that kind of information, when incorrect, can be to a person.

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Oh also, I’m going to look into a small bowl series and pillcam. Have you ever had either of those done?

Glad everything turned out ok. If you would like to talk more, i suggest we do so through private message as to not disturb the forum at large.