UCLA study for inferring daily routine events with Android smartphones


I am a computer science PhD candidate at UCLA and for my thesis I’m conducting a research study called “Social Rhythm Event Detection through Passive Smartphone Data Collection” with my advisors Prof. Deborah Estrin, and Dr. Warren Comulada.

Consistency of daily routine is a metric that has been difficult to measure in the past due to burden on the user to accurately report when they do things throughout the day for the duration of a study.

Our goal is to create a model for each user that would predict the times of his/her regular daily events (e.g., leaving for work, waking up) with data the user’s phone can collect automatically.

If you have an Android phone, we would like your help collecting test data for the system with our app and answering some surveys.

You’d have to run our software for four weeks and answers some surveys, so we are offering up to $50 in Amazon credit to participants (depending on how many of the study tasks you complete).

If you are interested, contact me for more details. Thanks!

Brent Longstaff
(310) 929-7426