UCSF Oral Health Research Study

Hi everyone! My name is Meri, and I’m so excited to have joined this group!! I’m the head research coordinator at UCSF Dental School, and the study I work on is called BRUSH up.

UCSF School of Dentistry and Stanford University have teamed up to create our research team called BRUSH up: Bacteria Research UCSF/Stanford Study of Hyposalivation. Our team is trying to understand how salivary flow over time and space changes the bacteria through out the mouth. We are looking for people who are willing to participate in our study who live around or are willing to come to the UCSF Dental School. One of the benefits of our study is that we will not only ascertain your personal micro biome in the mouth, but we will also set up a consultation with you to discuss those findings with you!

If you would like to learn more, please look at our website: hyposalivation.org or email us at hyposalivationstudy at ucsf dot edu.