Unable to export my Apple Health data before 2014


I am very happy to use the iOS app QS Access to export my data from Apple Health but it seems stuck to data from January 2014 and after.

I am tracking my weight since 2011 with my Wi-Fi connected Withings scales (and happily lost over 50kg) and all data from 2011 to 2020 was imported to Apple Health but I am unable to export it with QS Access.

I think that the 2014 date is hardcoded in the app.

How can I export my data before 2014?

Thank you.

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to this question. QS Access is not currently supported (I myself do not have the expertise to support it), though I still use it sometimes for the features that still work. Glad to hear if somebody else knows the answer the this question.

Hi Gary,

thank you for your answer.

Is there any alternative to export data from Apple Health?

Thank you.

Apple Health has an export function: Go into the Apple Health App on your iPhone, and click on the account button. (Upper right of screen.) This gives you some settings, including “Export All Health Data.” This will give you an export.zip file, which, when unzipped, gives you a folder with your data in .xml format. From there, you have to figure out how to work with the data. The nice thing about QS Access is that it gave you a table, and some simple options for the data to include. But we didn’t have the resources to maintain it. There is an open source project, Quantified Self Ledger, that I haven’t looked into very much but may be promising.