Urgent Media Request for Today

Hi, I got this request by email. Feel free to contact Steve if you’re interested…

Hi Alexandra

I’m writing a report about the Quantified Self movement for UK-based global trend analyst The Future Laboratory, and I’m looking for a case study family who use digital technology, smartphone apps etc to monitor their health, fitness and wellbeing and then take tech/supplement/exercise measures to improve it.

Ideally, a 20 or 30something father and mother, with two or three children, who do NOT live in London. In fact, they can live anywhere else in the UK, Europe or the US.

Know any possibilities, or have any suggestions about others who might

Very tight deadline - need to locate the family by the end of the day today (Mon)

best wishes


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I sorted steve out with a family that use our site http://moodpanda.com for family mood tracking.

Ross Larter