Urine tracker shoutout to Vivoo

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I just started using Vivoo to track urine data. It’s pretty awesome and it looks like it hasn’t been spoken about here yet, so I wanted to get it on some people’s radar and generally support the company.

It tracks:

  • pH
  • Hydration
  • White blood cell count
  • Kidney health
  • Liver health
  • UIT risk
  • Ketone levels

It stores all of the data in an app so you can see trends, then it has actionable advice to improve the metrics. I’ve been testing weekly at the same time of day and it seems to be pretty accurate and the advice is good.

If you’ve used a better urine tracker that stores data and has export functionality I’d also be curious to hear about it too. Seems like this one is the best on the market.

Amazon link - https://www.amazon.com/Vivoo-Strips-Urinalysis-Ketone-Infection/dp/B088TTY8VX

Thanks David, sounds interesting. What are the data export capabilities? Is it easy to get the data out, or is there a developer API?

Does it export data? How well does it all work? Studies?

It seems to work pretty well anecdotally – I spent two weeks eating more meat and very little fruits. The ph levels dropped and ketones rose. Then another day I drink some whiskey that was too old, and saw the WBC count rise. Not sure if there are studies.

Data export is actually a big issue. I assumed they had it but their customer support said they don’t. Do you all know of any app/tool to collect this data that does have export?

I suppose manually entering data would not be to difficult.

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“The descriptive-word results are ambiguous and unquantified - what do “optimal” and “moderate” mean?”

Could be interesting for sure… Can you do readings while offline? Presumably you can’t just store the test strips and scan them hours later… Regarding precision: Have you compared two readings taken at the same time?

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