Uses and perceptions of self-tracking applications

Hello everyone!

For my master thesis I am conducting research about the uses and perceptions of self-tracking fitness applications and I really really want your input! Please help a fellow self-tracker out by taking only 5 minutes to fill out my survey.

Thank you very much in advance


Hi Robin,

I gave this a try! I’m glad to try and support research, perhaps some feedback is useful:

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, which is longer than your request indicates. I only got about halfway through, and I think my impatience may have been connected to the expectation it would be shorter.

You are combining quite a few different research threads in the same survey, with both the questions and the answers being fairly wordy. This increases the cognitive burden and may decrease your response rate.

Good luck with your research, do check back in here with results when you have them.