Using clinical/academic surveys for stress/anxiety self-tracking

Hello folks! I’m interested in integrating a daily use of the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale and the Perceived Stress Scale - both of which are scored surveys. What I’m curious about is how to grab this data easily each day and score it all at once. Options I have thought of, would love to hear your thoughts:

X Print out paper versions of the survey, and calculate + input my score manually daily into Lumen Trails (allowing me to see the rise/fall over time in relationship to other variables, but disadvantage is this is time intensive)
X Use various free online auto-scoring versions of the surveys, and then input the score manually into Lumen trails as above (disadvantage is that I must be online for this, which is challenging while traveling)
X Input the survey questions into an app like WeJourn, Lumen Trails, or Reporter App and then score them later (possible nightmare)
X An excel/google spreadsheet that has the scoring built in

Are there any apps that might make this easier for me to do than those above options?

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You may want to try Knomee (iPhone app only for time being) - it is fully customizable so you may define your own dimensions, scales … for your survey. Importing a self-tracking scheme from a source is still tricky / but it could work if you can communicate with your test population.