Using consumer wearables to build healthy habits

Hiya, working on a new project that aims to provide users the ability to combine a wearable + intervention so that you can see the results better and actually close the feedback loop to secure the habit. Would love thoughts as I continue developing it (it’s currently in closed beta mode!).

Thanks Ethan for posting here. Wasn’t Meports originally a genome explorer? What lead you to decide to tackle “healthy habits?”

Yeah, the genome explorer is still active for sure (see footer) but I’m trying to build a platform that solves a problem people would be willing to pay for. I’m under the impression there is an unmet need pairing treatments with wearable biomarkers. So this is my hypothesis. Love criticism/feedback/ideas etc. !

This use case is plausible and many others have attempted to meet the hypothesized demand with platforms for integrating wearables data into some kind of analytical pipeline for tracking, habit formation, self-experiment, research and digital therapeutics. The issues that come up include: The promise of the API integration is somewhat illusory, requiring much more expense, maintenance, and handicraft than initially appears, while the diversity of requirements is much greater than expected, meaning that the generalized affordances don’t meet as large a fraction of the market as wished. If you don’t raise money and can go at your own pace, you may be able to find your way, but if you do raise money and have a defined runway, there’s a good chance you’ll come to the end of it before taking off.

Just in case you did not find all of your competitors.

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