Using self-tracked health data with doctors/clinicians: Study participants needed! (survey + interviews)

Hi All,

I’m working on a PhD project that aims to study the use of self-tracked health data, particularly (but not restricted to) those who may be managing long‐term (chronic) health conditions. The study specifically tries to understand how participants interpret and make use of this data both individually, and collaboratively, when shared with their doctors/clinicians. The objective is to develop design guidelines and frameworks that help integrate self-tracked data better into the chronic disease management process.

As a recent post suggested, doctors seem “uncooperative” in supporting QS. And there’s also the issue of the ‘scientific method in QS’ that was raised , which links to all this. Hope you can participate in the survey (as well as a follow-up interview), towards addressing some of these real-world challenges. The survey link -

Thanks in advance, for your time, support and interest :slight_smile:

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One bit of advice - you asked how much tracking I do during the day and your prompt at the top of the 3 increment scale said something like “All the time/nearly 24 hours a day.” I think this is misleading as it eliminates people with a device that is worn all day but charged at night.

Fantastic! Many thanks Gary! (Quickest.response.ever! There should be a badge for that!)

And hmm, you’re right about that option being potentially misleading. Will try change it, but I think Redcap (the survey platform) doesn’t allow edits once it goes live. Will check. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing this! I use a disease-specific tracking app; MyRA (pretty sure it was made by a drug company because whooo arthritis meds have money for developers.) Anyway, I thought that would be interesting, so I filled it out.

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Thanks so much Lilian :slight_smile:
(Drug companies, eeks!)

Looking forward to speaking more when the study progresses to the interview stage. Will keep you posted.