voCal Pro for android

I am still getting a some quirks out of it, but
I released a new version of my Voice Calorie Counter for Android. Unfortunately it isn’t quite backward compatible yet with the old database but has lots of nice features especially the ability to track any quantity using the “measure” keyword or typing a hashtag like “#weight”.

It can be used as a general purpose tracker… I often log events or symptoms as 0 calorie items.

It also has timestamps and some more graphs.


I will have to add more analytical graphs. It would be nice to score the time elapsed between foods and the appearance of symptoms for instance.

Sorry to be charging for this, but the old free one is still available.

One of the things I have discovered so far with my own data is that I definitely do tend to eat healthier foods (“stars”) earlier in the day and I have more unhealthy foods (“frowns”) as the day goes on.


Apparently Google Play has the option now to have Sales, so this will be available for Free for one week!