Volunteers needed for diagnostics tools development

Volunteers of any age and any health conditions are needed for scientific study:

We are looking for people of any age, sex and health conditions who are tracking their day and/or night time locomotor activity every day for more than 6 month, particularly for those who are logging commentaries to their activity data such as weight, sleep, caloric intake, mood and health status.

What is the study about:

The goal of the project is to develop non-invasive diagnostics tools to characterize human health with a new type of biomarkers characterizing whole-organism responses to major types of stresses. To do that we collect high frequency (up to 100 times per second) physiological parameters, such as locomotor activity, skin impedance, ECG, temperature, and breath rate using all the available devices and own prototypes. In parallel we develop mathematical analysis tools characterizing spectral properties of the stress response functions and relating the inferred parameters with various health conditions and diseases. We plan to devise a platform for integration of heterogeneous biometric information with an efficient user interface.

What happens in the study:

Participants provide us with their data files, charts from their FitBit tracker (or any similar device with an open API), health status reports in any digital workable format. The study examines multiple factors and their relation on human overall well-being and health conditions in order to develop an easy to understand and incorporate in daily life diagnostics tools that will help people to maintain health and prevent diseases.

About us:

The study is being conducted by Newton project team - member of CrowdAge program

If you’re interested or have any further questions, please email newton@crowdage.org or just pm me.

Hi Alexander,

I was wondering if you could clarify a few points:

Googling “locomotor activity” doesn’t clarify for me what you mean by this. Do you mean tracking e.g. what room we are in in our house/apt, or geolocation data, or pedometer data, or something else? Will the study offer any assistance to users (e.g. gadgets, or standardized format) for tracking this?

Will the study rely totally on what the users already happen to be tracking, or does it require that certain metrics are tracked?

Weight, sleep, etc, are just more data. “Commentaries to their activity” sounds like you mean written text comments.

Dear Winslow,

Thank you very much for your questions. I will try to answer your questions below.

In this particular case by locomotor activity we mean data from pedometers or similar activity and sleep time trackers like FitBit etc. If anyone is willing to add anything else like food, water intake, activity logged manually via web or smartphone apps - that would be greatly appreciated.
Regarding your questions on assistance (e.g. gadgets or formats) at this point we are not able to provide volunteers with any gadgets and we are not asking for any standardized format for tracking this. At this time we are accepting data in any digital format can be analyzed. There are some devices that we are familiar with like FitBit tracker etc that has an open API and allow data downloading, storaging and further analysis and integration.
At this moment the study will rely on what the users already happen to be tracking for at least 6 month or longer. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time we have decided for ourselves that we’d better start with already available metric so we were able to customize the requirements for the study for the future needs.
Weight, sleep activity etc are usually being tracked and/or logged via the same device or app - it is not absolutely necessary, but any additional information on the volunteer would be of great assistance as well as any written text if there are any: it could be any remarks on health status or commentaries clarified any particular conditions that might effect the data collected, e.g. if the person went dancing, took medicine, have been driving, doing sports - almost anything that might seem to be important.
At the present moment we are already working on tools for early diagnostics of several pathological conditions -metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, some diseases of the central nervous system (like schizophrenia, depression, sleep disorders), just to name a few. We are asking for more data to make this list of diseases as large as possible to make this tool multifunctional and easy to incorporate in daily life.