VoxClip - voice clipboard utility

As much as I like my voice calorie counter, I would prefer to use Myfitnesspal because it tracks Sodium pretty well. The problem with MFP is that it is sometimes slow to launch and navigate, and I would prefer entering foods by voice if I am pressed for time or just feeling too lazy. So… Yesterday I created a simple voice clipboard. for Android. I keep it down in my system tray and speak foods in it when i am running around during the day and then later when I have time I copy them one-by-one into MFP. I am still experimenting with it to see if it is practical but so far I like it.


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It’s not perfect yet, but here is a demo…

Actually this is working really well for me… I lost a couple more pounds and I don’t feel so bogged down by the MFP app.

I pitched my idea to the MFP developers by email and they seemed to like it.

I am trying to find something similar to this for iOS for my wife’s iPhone 5 but haven’t had any luck yet.