Wakefullness/Alertness Nootropic Suggestions

Hi Everyone. So i’m looking for suggestions on some different nootropics to keep myself awake for third shift that I’m on right now. I was off for a little while, but now i’m trying to get back into it and am having issues with stuff sticking.

I usually religiously drink one to maybe two cups of coffee a day, but i’ve taken a break the past couple days. I found that caffeine pills, which usually wake me right up and keep me going for several hours, didn’t have any effect when I took it recently.

I’ve also been chewing nicotine gum, which has been helping a lot when i’ve used it, is starting to lose potency since i’ve been using it a few days straight now on shift. Before I would just take it very sporadically and seldom, which i think helped keep its’ effectiveness.

I do also have some Modafinil, which I’ve taken a couple times before. The first time it didn’t help keep me awake at all. The second time it didn’t really help with general wakefulness, but would wake me up when I was getting close to nodding off. It caused some weird pressure/sensations in a couple different parts of my brain that i’ve never felt before.
I’m kind of weary to take it because i’ve heard it will keep you up anywhere from 8-12 hours, and I only think to take it a few hours into my shift and I try to sleep right after my shift is over.

Anybody have any recommendations on any other possible stimulants/nootropics that I could cycle with these to help with wakefulness and alertness/motivation?

I’m sorry you didn’t get any suggestions here. This kind of intervention is very challenging, especially when safety is considered, but I understand that work makes it necessary. There are a few dozen comments in this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/2a5506/lpt_request_how_to_stay_awake_when_you_didnt_get/