Wanted: Data viz Pen Pal

Hi all,

I am a visual artist based in Toronto, looking for a maker who is interested in pursuing an analog data project similar to Dear Data.

I’m open to following weekly postcard structure or creating collaborative work, ideally with a yearly duration. If you’re interested, or can point me to a resource for finding such a pal, please let me know!


Hi! I’m new to QS, but I would be potentially interested in this project. I’m from Boston.

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Hey @phenylalanine! Awesome.

I’m pretty open to how the guidelines are adapted but I’d like to pursue the project in a less sanitary, more tactile way.

I like the analogue mailing approach, but would like to work on one surface (canvas/fabric/paper, etc.), to send back and forth, being gradually added to, translated, and re imagined with each weekly data collection. I am also super open to other types of data visualization collaboration if you have other ideas.

I’m primarily a painter/ mixed media artist. You can see some of my work here: www.meaghanbarry.com

If you’re interested, shoot me an email through my website!