newcomer here. I’m a web developer, currently working on WalletForm website.

All that work on computer made me gain some serious weight (20 kg!) but today I’m starting to exercise and eat healthier. Going to sports club in a few hours also follow strict Keto.

Has anyone been on Keto? Share please!

I’m currently on ketogenic low-carb, but today is my last day =) It is a maffetone two-week experiment to see how I react to the reintroduction of carbs more than to use the low-carb itself.

Going suddenly low-carb had its effects, though. I am losing weight (or at least waist, I’m not really measuring weight), and there’s been several days over the first 10 days that felt really shitty, guessing cleanout and such goings on.

Now I feel quite normal; steady energy level though the day and not that hungry at any time at all really. But I have gotten tired of the things to eat, and I miss the fruit, and the bread! :smiley: …although I know there’s a lot of people pointing to seeds not being that good for our health…