What are people's data visualization needs?

I just wanted to get a sense of what the data visualization needs for self experimenters are. Please help me by filling out this poll! If you have a different answer, please feel free to post it to the thread.


Hi, Chloe,

Thanks for the survey. I think the results are interesting and I hope the participation numbers get big! I think the big thing for me is automating as much of the data collection AND visualization as I can. Great skill and creativity are choked out by a lack of time, so “code less, do more” works for me. I like to lean into software libraries to make things pretty-- coming up with the interesting questions and meaningful analyses is on me.

Something I think gets lost a lot in data visualization is that the goal is not to make things look pretty, it is to convey lots of information quickly and clearly. If it looks pretty as well, great; but don’t lose sight of the clear presentation of information. There are things the human perceptual system doesn’t do very well, such a judge/compare angles and areas. Line lengths and coordinate look up work much better. So be wary of bubble and pie charts, and stick to line graphs and scatter plots.

I’m a none of the above = I’m working on learning to create data visualization with Processing