What are the best health apps and tools?

Hi everyone,

I’m a Swiss journalist and I’m writing an article about self-quantification for a new magazine named InVivo. Apart from the body text, I would like to list the best apps and tools to collect (and visualize) health data.

I know of course wristbands such as Up or Fitbit and some apps (RunKeeper, etc.) - and I tried some of them - but I don’t know which ones quantifiers really use and why.

What do you recommend?

Thank you in advance.


I use AirCasting (disclaimer: I’m also the creator). AirCasting is a platform for recording, mapping, and sharing health and environmental data. Learn more at www.aircasting.org. Download the app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.llp.aircasting&hl=en. For more on the types of mobile air quality monitors that plug into AirCasting see our latest blog post, http://www.takingspace.org/more-aircasting-air-quality-monitors/, which also details an AirCasting compatible air monitor developed by a Swiss based maker. For more on the types of physiological sensors that plug into AirCasting see, http://www.takingspace.org/now-streaming-data-from-the-zephyr-bioharness-3/. For an instructional video showing how it all works see, http://www.takingspace.org/my-air-my-health-challenge-update/.


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Depends on what your goal is, and how you feel about data ownership and privacy…

Serious “quantifiers” often use several devices and services, or sometimes just a spreadsheet.

It’s a pity quantifiedself.com’s tools directory is no longer maintained!

Well, ownership and privacy are not the main concern. People are on Facebook anyway. But of course I will talk about those aspects in the article.

I am looking for tools quite easy to use but powerful to collect basic data on health (blood pressure, pulse, quality of sleep, etc.). The thing is: I know a lot of them by name, but I don’t know which ones users really appreciate.

The general aim is to empower readers of the article to quantify themselves if they want, or at least to try it with mainstream but good tools.

Thank you.

Logistics is perhaps a little too heavy for common people but it is an interesting device.