What are the best ways to get enrolled in clinical trials?

Well, I created a short guide. (quoted below). But there’s still A LOT I don’t know, especially since I still haven’t found one to participate in - for a long time.

Hm, well - I’ve created a short guide at http://lesswrong.com/lw/6bs/being_a_lab_rat_for_phase_i_trials_for/. I’ll quote it here:

The one important thing is to look at all the universities that are closest to you (try to google your university + clinical trials). I know that MIT has a special mailing list for brain research subjects, for example (many of them pay really well and are effectively zero-risk). My university has http://www.washington.edu/healthresearch/ .

Also, maybe email your local university’s psychology department. They have some people who regularly do psychology trials.

http://clinicaltrials.gov/ is a good list as well, although I can’t find anything there. if you live in the BosWash metroplex, though, you can find numerous studies on it.

Here’s some good information:

and also http://blogs.wsj.com/health/2008/01/18/human-guinea-pigs-go-pro-at-a-cost/

If you live near a drug company that does Phase I testing - then you might be able to find the clinical trials that really pay the most. I’m not familiar with these companies though (not living near one), but I’ll try to find some resources later if I can.

If anyone is actually interested in enrolling in a clinical trial for a disease (e.g. Hepatitis C or Cancer), I have experience in matching patients with appropriate trials. It’s rather complicated but definitely valuable for someone who is sick and has failed approved treatments.