What are you doing with your Basis watch?

I just received my Basis watch yesterday and I immediately became interested in what other people are doing with their watches and the data they’re gathering.

Consider this an open thread to share and discuss what you’ve learned and what your hoping to learn and understand from using the Basis watch.

Even though I’ve only been wearing the watch for 24 hours I can’t wait to start taking a deep dive into the data. I know they don’t have an API, but I was able to find a great tool on GitHub for accessing the minute-by-minute data. It’s a bit technical, but a great resource: Basis Data Export Tool

That is super cool.
I’ve never seen this tool before.
I might have to get one some day.

I have suspected for some time that an elevated resting heart rate was a viable measure of intolerance to particular foods. Short term weight gain also appears to be an indicator. I’ve only had my Basis a few days, and had some problems downloading data due to a faulty charging harness, but so far I’ve definitely observed data consistent with this hypothesis. I look forward to digging in and doing some damage to myself to see if I can validate my hypothesis!