What are your thoughts on hacking your gut bacteria with microbiome sequencing?

One of my friends mentioned uBiome as an interesting company to hack your gut bacteria. I’ve been researching about the role of bacteria in health and in particular, losing weight and I think there’s a lot to still be discovered. What are your thoughts on this?

Here’s a short ebook that peaked my interest. Any thoughts on this or uBiome? Has anybody tried sequencing their microbiome?



Hi Zack thanks for the link on the microbiome. That is a terrific ebook and well worth a scan by EVERYONE!
I read an audio book recently The Good Gut. There is emerging fascinating science here, I agree.

There is another option for microbiome sequencing. See

Not sure the merits of one over the other.

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Having your microbiome sequenced multiple times (e.g. before and after changing your diet or traveling etc) can be interesting and educational, but don’t expect any major insights as the data is quite limited.