What Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) allow automated export of the data "out-of-the-box"?

We have tried the Abbott Freestyle Libre - but found that the data has to be manually extracted or requires a third-party device (like the MiaoMiao.cool or others.)

Does anyone know of any CGMs that enable automated export of the readings to back-end systems?



Thanks for the reference - that’s a great help.

It is so unfortunate.

The Dexcom g6 appears to be a 10 day sensor for $350 dollars (almost $35/day)

The Abbott Freestyle Libre is a 14 days sensor for $120 that for some reason is discounted to $70 whenever we have purchased it (~$5/day)

Abbott seems to be completely missing the power of creating a QS community that could build new value around their sensors.

I agree, but given that they can barely keep up producing enough sensors for diabetics, looking for additional applications probably isn’t a priority for either company…

I recall paying something like USD 70 out of pocket for two 14-day sensors earlier this year (and previously), sounds like they raised the price?

Wow, surprised to hear about the sensor shortage! Really a testament to what they have built. My hunch is that Freestyle didn’t build a full CGM due to easier regulations?

I ended up using the Freestyle Libre + MiaoMiao combination. Then using xDrip+ and Glimp (on Android) to automatically export to a back-end and broadcast my glucose in real-time. Really happy with this combination! It’s a CGM without the CGM pricetag :slight_smile:

I stand corrected: https://abbott.mediaroom.com/2020-09-17-Abbott-Introduces-Libre-Sense-Glucose-Sport-Biosensor-in-Europe-Worlds-First-Glucose-Biosensor-Designed-for-Athletes