What do you think of a Personal Control Center?

I recently launched my 1st web app :smiley: www.personalcontrolcenter.com.

I would absolutely love your feedback! After graduating from college, I took a year off to travel & teach myself computer programming and build this website that allows you to track and share your habits, goals, values, and stats.

Thank you Quantified Self for your inspiration along the way!

Looks very cool. Quick question though, what does the “3 strikes you’re out” mean? You might want to be gentle with a few people who fall off the wagon so they get more out of the system long term and it doesn’t hurt compliance.

Overall, it looks interesting. I’d recommend checking out Eric Hekler’s work as he’s done a bit in designing phone apps to help serve as a ‘control center’ for behavior change: http://ubicomp.org/ubicomp2014/proceedings/ubicomp_adjunct/posters/p91-lee.pdf http://ubicomp.org/ubicomp2014/proceedings/ubicomp_adjunct/workshops/DISPI/p703-jlee.pdf

Thanks for the link :]

Someday I’d like to integrate the [color=#3333cc]Personal Control Center[/color] web app with other self-tracking apps and tools, or in the case of the article, tools that alert a user when he started/missed a habit.

I’m so excited to keep improving the web app so that it eventually becomes a powerhouse in self-improvement, but for now my aims are modest - finding just a few loyal users who offer me honest feedback.

And so thank you for your feedback :]

“3 strikes you’re out” means if a user misses three days his current level restarts. There are 5 levels a user must complete before he achieves Mastery. I agree that falling off the wagon too many times can become discouraging and maybe I’ll make the levels easier in the future (aka less days per level). Thanks again :]

Neat app, Anthony! Pretty impressive for a first product. What platform did you build it on? Do you have a roadmap of planned features?

Thanks for checking it out! Of course I have a roadmap. Do I look like a fool to you? lol I’m always updating features at least once a week. Do you have any suggestions?

Let’s stay calm. I assume Dave wanted to know if you have a public roadmap, such as this one.

Speaking of looks, the new forum lets you upload an avatar via the profile menu in the upper right corner.