What epigenetic age/DNAm age tests have you used/what are their results? Eg TruDiagnostic

In particular, how often are consistently sharp discrepancies between DNAm age in the saliva (presumably not PBMCs) and DNAm age in the blood?

I’ve used the Viome test. I generally lie about my exact birthdate, for privacy reasons, but I was impressed that it nailed my chronological age correctly.

Another one I’ve tried is TruMe Labs, which was started by a friend. The results were off by a year or two.

To be honest, I’m not sure how bio age testing even makes sense biologically. A 2022 study compared a bunch of clocks and concluded they all roughly correlated with one another, which is sort of what you want. But the one thing that correlates best with each test is the chronological age. So what’s the point?

Intuitively it seems like there ought to be the equivalent of tree rings that correspond to the number of years you’ve been on earth, but that’s just an inefficient way of calculating birthdate. So what the bioage people really want is something that measures a level of pathology, i.e. overall health. But there are many ways to derive a number like that – essentially you get that at every annual checkup.

So I’m just not sure how useful these tests are.

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