What happens if you correlate sleep quality metrics from 3 different tracking methods

In my new post, I analyze correlations between 3 different metrics of sleep quality: a well-known calorie/sleep tracker, a mobile app/smart alarm clock, and my own subjective sleep assessment scale. The results are rather … puzzling:


How are you inputting the data? What tool are you using to chart your data?

Hi Kiba,

The Bodymedia data can be exported in CSV format from dashboard, Sleep Time app historical data is shown in the app but had to be transferred into Excel by hand. The same was with subjective scale, manually entered in Excel from paper questionnaires. I finally switched to rTracker app this month, so no manual data entry anymore.

The charts were built in Excel. Correlations were computed in SPSS.

Thanks. I looked up rTracker. It looks like it’s only available for iphone. Also, does rTracker export into CSV too?

Yes, they do offer CSV export. Track and Share app does, too.