"What If Correlation Is Causation? (A Conversation Inspired by Judea Pearl)": Slack channel?

Hi folks,

Wanna get a Slack channel going to continue discussing causality and causal inference (particularly for n-of-1 studies, but also more generally)? If so, let me know, and I’ll set it up if enough people are interested.

Eric J. Daza.


Some literature, somewhat going from least to most technical (methodologically) within each “Focus” section:

Focused on DAGs

  1. The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect

  2. Causal Inference in Statistics: A Primer

  3. Causality

Focused on Potential Outcomes / Counterfactuals

  1. Causal Inference

  2. Causal Analysis of Self-tracked Time Series Data Using a Counterfactual Framework for N-of-1 Trials

  3. The central role of the propensity score in observational studies for causal effects


Eric can we do it here? I’m reading The Book of Why right now.

Yes, I would like to dive deeper into the concepts you presented this weekend. Would love there to be a HOW-TO follow up lesson, if we want to apply what you are sharing to create models for our N-of-1’s, especially for those of us who are self-taught and don’t have grad level training

That works! Also: A colleague has set up an n-of-1 slack channel (n-of-1.slack.com), in which I created a #cauality sub-channel for targeted discussion about causality.

Fantastic! Please see my relevant reply to Agaricus: “A colleague has set up an n-of-1 slack channel (n-of-1.slack.com), in which I created a #cauality sub-channel for targeted discussion about causality.”

Hey Eric,

Big fan of your work and recent paper on Single-Subject Causal Inference!

I’d love to join the slack (n-of-1.slack.com), but it says there “Contact the workspace administrator for an invitation.” Would you invite me? My email is kastanday …~at~… gmail…

Or, since this thread is a tad old, maybe there are newer, better resources you could recommend. I’m all ears.

Thank you very much!

Hi all,

I’ve been part of QS community for a long time and have been blogging as well about it. One blog I wrote a while back is actually about causality, through my Quantified Self experiences I started looking at it quite differently. Here you can read it: http://www.justintimmer.com/causality-is-overrated/

Over the past year, I have been studying the area of complex dynamic systems because it quite aligns with my view of on life, and also questions causality as it is usually propagated.

Would like to join the slack channel as well. Even though, I’m not really an active slack user, but I love the topic!