What is the easiest way to get a MRI for free?

I’ve asked a few clinical studies, but they don’t show patients the results of their MRIs.

So what else is there? Some people said that I could “fake” a headache or some other brain ailment. But I feel uneasy about that.

If you keep trying you may be able to get a trial that lets you see the MRI. That’s how I got mine.
I had to go through a lot of hoops, because it wasn’t something they were used to being asked for, but I got it eventually.

For anyone in NYC interested I participated in a study with this research group.
They were also going to give me the scores for the personality surveys I filled out, but I never got them. Happy with getting the MRI though.
They sadly refused to give me a of the copy DNA testing.

I’ve found that most doctors I work with will write a script for one, especially if you’re going to pay out of pocket. Just ask. If they say no, object, and insist its your right to get one if you’re willing to pay. For insurance, you would need an ICD-9 code (a diagnosis) to get it. Either that, or go on a vacation to a country not dominated by private insurance, where it’s much cheaper. Central America, Thailand, Philippines, etc.