What kind of jobs are available in the "Quantified self" industry?

I’m 25 years old and contemplating which Career I should pursue.
I’m really passionate about Quantified Self and Biohacking.

What kinds of jobs could align with those passions?

These are the only one’s I can think of:

  • Quantified self coach/Consultant, who helps individuals or employees in companies perform self experiments
  • Quantified self blog/Youtube channel
  • Date scientist (This may not be about self-experimentation, but maybe the skills you learn can be applicable to your own self experimentation)
  • Entrepreneur making products for Quantified Self/Biohacking

Can you guys think of any other options? Do you know anyone who makes a living in this industry?

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Hey Lars,
App developer. Wearable interfaces have a ways to go. Biomedical engineering and data science would work nicely as a pair here.

I’m actually already an app developer. Are you also a developer? :slight_smile:
What kind of wearable interfaces are you talking about? Apps?