What sleeping earplugs are you using?

what earplugs are you using? i am looking for a versatile piece that i can use for sleeping, traveling and reading. Most importantly, they should be safe for my ears. I came across Etymotic High fidelity recommended for concerts on https://www.studiogearexperts.com/best-earplugs-for-concerts/htm but they are also versatile.

What are you using?

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I always use foam earplugs because I’m too afraid of something with a hard core will poke something tender in my ear while I sleep. I don’t have a reliable reference for this and only vaguely remember reading this when I bought my earplugs from Earpeace.

I just ordered the soon to be released Bose sleep in ear earphone pods, I think they ship around June 22 2018

Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs - Out of all this is the best I’ve ever had.

That studiogear website uses dubious enough English that it may be a spam/link farm site.

How are Etymotic High Fidelity “versatile” when the product description clearly states “Not recommended for sleeping”?

Anyway, to turn this likely spam thread into something useful, the best sleeping earplugs I’ve ever used, and have been using for over 10 years, are the Howard Leight foam earplugs, with a 33dB Noise Reduction Ratio. One pair can easily be reused for over a month.

I use sleepphones. its like wearing a headband. quite comfortable, it doesn’t feel like they affect too much of my sleep either, unless i turn around a lot. https://www.sleepphones.com/
they seem to have some new ones out too, never tried those, so at your own risk. but the original is nice. its not wonderful audio, but good enough for night meditation or self hypnosis. especially if you have a partner that don’t wish for the same self-improvement as you do;9

Has anyone tried the Flare Sleeep earplugs? Their day-use earplugs work as well as my custom-fitted ones, so I’m curious if these are just as good.

I am a notoriously light sleeper. I suffer in hotel rooms with noisy fridge compressors and a/c units.
My wife will roll on her back and snore at least once a night waking me up.

The cheap foam earplugs hurt my ears, so I switched to Mack’s earplugs after reading this review https://bestmattress.reviews/best-earplugs-for-sleeping/ They don’t expand and push on the ears. I think I paid about $10?

I take regular foam ear plugs like the Leight and submerge them under melted canning wax. Squezze out air to let wax soak in. The result is over 50dB sound reduction. Using the earplugs continuously definitely causes ear infections and probably causes tinnitus.

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While in the Construction business, I always wore Etymotic GunsportPRO earplugs. They are comfortable (as earplugs go), and do a good job of noise filtering without having that ‘something is in my ear’ hollow sound. I still wear them shooting and when I am at construction sites for work.