Where can I download audio files for a new fitness application?

I’m developing a new fitness application and looking to download audio files reflecting the exercise, e.g. one kilometre, well done, 30-minute run, etc. I’ll be happy for free download, but buying is also an option. Thanks

Many platforms charge, but maybe you can find something on https://audiojungle.net/ or Welcome to the Free Music Archive - Free Music Archive

But I think you are looking for voice prompts and not music. For this, I am not sure.

Nonetheless, would be interested in trying out the app and learning more about what it does.

Two ways. Have the audacity to use Audacity and reoord those phrases yourself.

The other way is the speech-to-text features of macOS, iOS, iPadOS and maybe WatchOS. Would make internationalising the app easier by having the text of the prhases in various languages and then utilise the speech-to-text API to get the pronunciation right. Not being a Windows or Android user no idea who easy that would to achieve the same thing there.

You can use AI to generate voice, i have good experience with ElevenLabs - Generative AI Text to Speech & Voice Cloning

Well, you can always use AI for your work. There are many tools available online like this AI voice cloning and text to speech generator. Try doing this, it might work for you :grinning: