Where is the macroscope?

The increasing numer of articles on the health data system explosion that we are seeing ignited makes me extremely excited. our little company is literally on the edge of experimental model development, and i feel like an early astronaut giddy with amazement at what is coming, it’s awsome. at the same time i am concerned that we miss a fundamental aspect of this transformation, and that is to collect the highest quality data for future artificial intelligence systems (the macroscopes) to increase our clinical science.
i’m a regular family doctor, chose this field out of love and fascination with it’s subject matter, basic clinical health of the patients who have chosen to spend time with me. my fear is that in the rush to capitalize on change we don’t spend the time to build with the future in mind. if we transform optimally, in a few generations (maybe three) our grand and great grandchildren will be the recipients of a whole new set of clinical science, that can help them literally stay alive, and have nicer families. to me, as i’m sure to many of you, data is intrinsically beautiful. data from the patients that i have navigated through profound difficulties with is even more potent. it flows through our time together, as we learn about ourselves, where we come from, and where we are going. soon rich genetic data will comingle with all our phenotypical data and will be explored by the macroscopes being built as we speak.

we need to be patient, we need to collaborate, we, and our kids have too much at stake. i fear that the financial exuberance will lead to segregation and control of data. as a young doctor i see almost no deep awareness at an educational level where young physicians are included in developing the system that intimately organizes their clinical though process. this has to change.

we people of QS who were born with the neurological disposition to relate to data in a special way have a responsibility to help the physicians in our lives develop a sense of hope, and lead the way for them. and those of us who are set to help bring about a new era in health care need to find a way to resist the power of money to corrupt. there is no question about it, there is no cooler time to be alive, shamoan.