Which App can track most watched youtube videos and recurring youtube video Consumption?


I dont want to track the time I spend on youtube, I want to track the videos I watch the most
and the videos I keep coming back to, over the course of the weeks or months. Some people
listen to the same tracks 1000 times, I watch the same videos, because they mean something very important to me. That is a VERY specific task I want to do. Which App can do that? Or how would you got about it? Are there other ways, to get all my comments,
all my most watched videos on a spreadsheet?

Thank you for your help,


Or is there a way to download the entire youtube history in one document and then run
a keyword search?


If you watch YouTube via a browser, such as Chrome, you can view your web history…

That would give you the website (YouTube), title, day, time and a link to the page. The caveat is you would need to be sure to not clear your history.

I think Firefox has similar functionality.