Which wearables have CSV exports?

I’ve been wearing a bodymedia fit for some years, use a Withings scale, and track some other stuff using various iPhone apps. All of these let me export at least daily info in CSV files, where I periodically happily combine them and tell beautiful stories about my life. Sadly, the BMF is broken at the edges and I’m also very tired of wearing this big ugly thing. Which activity and fitness trackers also allow CSV exports? This is not info easy to come by from consumer marketing websites, and consumer reviews don’t mention it either.

Appreciate any help.

I wish BodyMedia came out with an updated, slimmer device! I find the data (calories burned) more useful than the typical step counts (or extrapolated calories), and the automatic sleep detection is very convenient. But they’ve been languishing since their acquisition by Jawbone.

Fitbit, Withings and Jawbone all let you export your data. *

  • Fitbit requires a “premium” subscription to export data, and Withings only exports weight measurements, but both services have an API, so you can use third-party services such as Zenobase to export your data and convert it e.g. to CSV.

In Jan 2013, Bodymedia announced it was to release a new version in Aug 2013 called the Core 2. Then it was bought out by Jawbone in April 2013. No word on a new product since.

Hi guys! This thread is relatively old, but I’m asking myself: Are there any fitness trackers with csv or json export? I’m currently using the App Reporter to track the stuff that I’m doing, but it would be interesting to add some health data too. Thank you!

Maybe you are asking us? Anyway, Fitbit has a csv export for all of their daily totals of the things they track, steps, calories, sleep, etc. You do up to a month at a time, but the data is clearly labeled so you can do 12 exports and combine into a yearly file with little effort.
It’s the reason I stick with them.

Garmin, last I checked three years ago, had an unusable export, only one variable and a week at a time, and the datapoints were labeled with only the days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc) so if you ran several exports in a row it was easy to mix up the files and dates.

Habit Dash allows you to connect various devices and export a CSV file for free. There is a lot of code on the backend to clean the data and also calculate other fields (such as sleep stage percents).

Disclosure: I’m the founder of this app. Right now the data is at the daily level only, but we’re adding intra-day data soon (such as workouts, heart rate, respiration, SpO2, etc.)